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Walking, World, Literature – On the Relational Dimension of Weltliteratur

This project addresses the notion of Welt as related to contemporary migration and literature by studying the theme of walking. By making use of literary examples, it reflects on how the walking (migrating) body is narrated (or narrates itself), and what this might tell us about the relation between literature and the earth; that is, between written language, bodies, and the world they live on. How does the act of walking relate to literature in times of globalization? What does the literary theme of walking teach us about Welt(-literatur)? The project makes suggestions as to reimagine language-earth connections by indicating that ‘we’ human beings only temporarily inhabit this planet, without owning it, and while continuously becoming, rather than being. Hence, it studies words on walking, in this exploration of how bodies, which move through languages and space, relate to Welt.

Saskia Kroonenberg