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Auerbach Lecture | 12.07.2021 | 18 Uhr

Winnie Wong (History of Art, Berkeley): Good Copy/Bad Copy (title changed)
Moderation: Anja Lemke (Director Erich Auerbach Institute for Advanced Studies)


China's Dafen Oil Painting Village, is a flexible production center of eight thousand Chinese painters who once produced five million oil paintings per year. My talk, "Good Copy/Bad Copy" describes the emergence of Dafen village in German photojournalism, documentary photography and conceptual art. It focuses on the unlikely connection between Michael Wolf's 2006 documentary photograph project China Copy Painters and Christian Jankowski's 2006 conceptual art project China Painters – the appropriated labor of Dafen painter Yin Xunzhi. Tracing these two artists's collaborations with Yin Xunzhi, the chapter explores the ethical and aesthetic dilemmas raised by Wolf's and Jankowski's Dafen projects. For this talk, I will examine the artistic engagements of Jankowski and Wolf with Yin Xunzhi subsequent to my own interpretation of their collaborations. 

The artist Christian Jankowski will serve as a respondent to this talk. 

The lecture will take place virtually via Zoom. Guests are very welcome! 









Photo: Christian Jankowski.