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Auerbach Lecture | 08.05.2023 | 18 Uhr

Nuno Ramos (visual arts, São Paulo): A Thousand Gifts


The Brazilian writer and visual artist Nuno Ramos found in the concept of Gift, from the famous essay by Marcel Mauss ("Essai sur le don", 1925), an operative key for much of what he does in his artistic and literary work. In his Auerbach Lecture he will present a reading of his Gifts with musical accompaniment.

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Gift and Countergift – An Experimental Dialogue Between Art and Science

On 5/25, 4pm, Nuno Ramos and Peter W. Schulze will give a talk on their project "A Thousand Gifts" as part of the lecture series on Latin America in the Summer Semester 2023: "Antagonistische Allianzen in Lateinamerika - interdisziplinäre Perspektiven".