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Nuno Ramos

Book Launch | A thousand gifts (an introduction)

During his residency at the Auerbach Institute, Brazilian artist Nuno Ramos worked on a project entitled "A thousand gifts," which was performed on May 8 as part of the Auerbach Lectures, together with his host Peter W. Schulze of the Portuguese-Brazilian Institute and musician Emmanuelle de Freitas. Planned from the beginning also as a book project, we now cordially invite you to the presentation of "A thousand gifts (an introduction)".
About the content of the book:

“A thousand gifts (an introduction)” shall be read by two persons facing each other in front of a small table, sideways to the public. In the middle of them, facing the public, a trumpetist, with his/her instrument and a glass of water in front of him/her. After the Introduction is read, he/she will put a sew-thimble on the middle finger and tap it against the table on a one second interval for the rest of the performance. With one exception: he/she will play the Minute-of-silence-tune on Gift 51. After this, he/she will put the thimble on the finger again, resuming the tapping. The two readers will have, in front of them, the Gifts printed on loose-leafs paper and a glass of water. The Introduction will be read by both readers at the same time. The projection of the Gifts, on a screen behind the readers, will follow the reading. The “X” will be read as “FOR”, in the sense of “this FOR that”. The little red signs, the size of the letters and the intervals between them, are indications of rythm and volume of the voice (four different levels).

Mit anschließendem Empfang.

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Location & Time:  Library Erich Auerbach Institute, Weyertal 59 (Back Building, 3. Floor),  50937 Cologne | Wednesday, 05.07.2023 | 18:00 Uhr